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A couple weeks ago was my 4 year anniversary with Perry. 4 years of dating that is. He told me we were going to a dinner, but held his tongue on the place. I bugged him long enough for him to tell me that we’re going to the Tasting Room. The Tasting Room…sounds like a bunch of samples. I love samples!

As we drove into Frederick, MD,  I eagerly watched out the window for our destination. After a 30min detour of getting lost in the countryside, we were on Main Street and I saw the Tasting Room ahead in the distance. As I urged Perry to find a parking spot, he drove right past the restaurant.

We parked right in front of the real destination, Volt, Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant.

I almost skipped through the front door. I was at Volt!

After a very short wait in the bar/lounge, we were escorted by the hostess to the dining room. The wait staff was right on our toes. Between dressing and undressing the table, refilling water, to even folding Perry’s napkin when he was up for the restroom, they were more than on top of things.

Our waiter asked for our drink order. Perry ordered the Pomegranate Fizz (I’ll be nice and not comment here), while I decided on the Old Fashioned (little did I understand that I was ordering straight Bourbon with a bit of muddled orange and cherries).

The waiter encouraged us to order 1 of all 4 courses, as the menu was designed to order.

We didn’t order 4 courses each, but I think we ordered a nice range of dishes.

I decided on a 1st course:

tuscarora farm organic beets cherry glen farm goat cheese, upland cress, meringue

and Perry went for the:

yellowfin tuna tartare avocado, chili oil, petite cilantro, soy air, marinated whitefish roe

Watermelon amuse bouche served

For our main courses, I order a “2nd course”:

cherry glen farm goat cheese ravioli, maroon carrot, romano beans, maitake mushrooms, balsamic brown butter

and Perry choose  the main course of Striped Bass

For dessert we shared the

textures of chocolate chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel, pistachio, raw organic cocoa

The waiter also brought out a desert and candle for our anniversary …thoughtful huh?

Volt lavished us with surprises in addition to the dishes we ordered. We were brought breadsticks, choice of bread with our appetizer, a watermelon amuse bouche to cleanse our pallate, samples of pastries and wrapped muffins for our ride home (they didn’t make it past our car ride home 🙂 ).

In all, I loved the entire experience.

Sorry for the lag in blogging lately…I hope to keep blogging here and there.



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This weekend was the much anticipated wine festival, Wine in the Woods. Much anticipated on my part, mostly since it is located at Merriweather Post Pavilion, which is walking distance from my apartment.

I invited friends over beforehand. We had some champagne mixed with raspberry lemonade to start off the day.

I set out some snacks to buffer the all day of wine drinking to come.

Saturday was so gorgeous out, making for a crowded festival. A little tired of waiting in line for samples, we started purchasing bottles of wine to drink. By far, our favorite Maryland wine is the Gollywobbler, by St. Michael’s Winery. It comes in white, pink or red and literally tastes like fresh grape juice- so dangerous! Needless to say, by the end of the festival, we were ready for a trip to Cheesecake Factory to get some bread in our stomach.

Some of our group at the festival.

Sunday AM, I rose early for the Baltimore Farmers Market under the 83 overpass. I made a weekly ritual of going here on Sunday AM’s last summer and plan to do the same this year.

The market is amazing…fresh veggies, fruit, artisans, falafel, fried mushrooms, fruit smoothies, kettle corn, fresh seafood– I can go on and on. I love the local flare! I’ll make sure to take some photos next time I go.

– jess


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