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mimosas and french toast

My friend, Beth, invited the girls over her house for brunch on Sunday morning.  What a great time to sit back, drink a mimosa and chat about the weekend.

On her menu was french toast and fruit salad.

Mix for the french toast… I believe eggs, cinnamon, vanilla

Bananas, brown sugar, butter and walnuts to top the french toast. So good!!

What a way to start off a Sunday AM ūüôā

– jess



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step away from the freezer

I admit that I go straight to the freezer section to pick up veggie burgers for a cookout. It never crosses my mind to make them from scratch. I need to change this mindset.

I found that Cooking Light has a variety of recipes from chickpea burgers to grilled tofu burgers. These burgers are made with fresh ingrediants and from simple recipes.

Go ahead and try out these veggie burger recipes from Cooking Light with me.

 Open-Faced Falafel Burgers Recipes


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girl’s dinner night

My girlfriends and I get together every 2 weeks or so for a dinner night. We usually rotate who hosts dinner and then the rest of us bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage. It’s such an affordable way to spend time together.

Last night, it was Beth’s turn to host. She made a tasty summer dinner of grilled pineapple and shrimp with a rum sauce and a salad of spring greens, potatoes and fried goat cheese.

I’m trying to get the girls to start a book club with me. It seems like Beth is in, but it might take some pulling to talk the rest into it. I already tried the excuse to get together and drink wine.


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seafood pasta

I made pasta, again, the other night. I know¬†it’s a problem. I need to venture away from the world of pasta that I surround myself in. I have quinoa, brown rice, risotto,¬† couscous…you name it in my pantry. Yet, pasta seems to always rise to the top for me.

Anyway, I made a simple seafood pasta the other night. The simplicity of the recipe was mainly due to the fact that I was out of some staple ingrediants like onions, canned tomatoes, white wine etc.

¬†Here’s the quick and easy scampi recipe (without butter).

Boil salted water for pasta and cook pasta

At the same time, in a seperate pan, saute 3 cloves of garlic in vegetable oil

Add red pepper flakes

Stir in calamari, shrimp, scallops and add salt/pepper

Cook until opaque (approx. 7 min)

Turn off heat and add lemon juice from  1/2 lemon and fresh parsley

– jess

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beer and cheese

My Dad gifted Perry and I a mini keg of Newcastle that I suppose my Mom would not let him keep in the fridge. 

While strolling the aisles of Trader Joes, I came upon the Swiss Beer Fondue and thought it would be an appropriate match with the Newcastle. Plus, I had given Perry a mini fondue pot in his stocking for Christmas and thought it was about time to give it a try.

I cut up carrots, apples and some whole grain bread to dip.

The fondue tasted pretty good- almost close to “from scratch”…almost.

I also made a quick refreshing salad of

grapefruit, strawberries, carrots, edamame and spinach

and for the dressing I mixed

2 tablespoons white-wine vinegar, 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon honey and salt & fresh ground pepper (yes, I measured this time!)

Does anyone have a fondue recipe to share?



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pasta love

I really wish that¬†I could control my love for pasta. I am in such a comfort zone, when I cook and eat pasta. It’s my go-to dinner.

Let’s start with¬†the side-salad that I made to pair with my pasta dinner last night.¬†I pulled a¬†“let’s see what is in the fridge” with this creation. I found:

salad greens¬†¬†¬† carrots¬†¬†¬† beets¬†¬†¬† strawberries¬†¬†¬† sundried tomatoes¬†¬† Trader Joe’s corn salsa

I mixed the randomness above and topped with extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic dressing. Surprisingly tasty I must say.

For the pasta, I saut√©ed¬†mushrooms, peas and sun-dried¬†tomatoes¬†in 1/4 tablespoon butter and¬†1 tablespoons of vegetable oil (add more or less to taste). I didn’t add garlic, but feel free to saute¬†a couple of cloves before adding the vegetables.¬†While cooking,¬†I added some water from my boiling whole wheat pasta to the vegetables to keep them from drying out.

Once the vegetables were almost finished, I threw in some fresh herbs (parsley and basil on hand) and salt/pepper to taste. Then turned off the heat and added about 1/2 cup of part-skim ricotta cheese and al dente whole wheat linguine. I might try marscapone instead of the ricotta next time for a creamier sauce.

Side note: Is it OK to cook an entire box of pasta for 2 people? Perry has been a bit bitter lately about my larger than life portions. I guess he thinks I’m trying to fatten him up for bathing suit season.


What’s your favorite pasta dish?

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cooking light Mediterranean

Check out these Mediterranean recipes from Cooking Light! Mmhmm¬†I could go for the Linguine with Garlicky¬†Clams and Peas right now…¬†and¬†it is only 10:25AM.

Linguine with Garlicky Clams and Peas

I signed up for their email list a couple of years¬†ago to receive daily recipe emails. They’re a¬†great inspiration for weekly dinners!

– jess

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