little one is twenty one

Whew…I feel like I’ve been non-stop lately and blogging has been last on my list. Work has been super busy with half of my team out of vacation. Sorry no excuses! 

Last weekend was my sister’s birthday, not just any birthday, but her 21st birthday. 


On Saturday night, before her after midnight festivities, we went to Clyde’s for a late dinner. I had no idea that they serve food until 12pm on the weekend. I will definitely be back for a late night snack. 

Another surprise was their food! I was expecting sub-par bar food, but the menu surpassed my expectations. 

American Farmhouse Cheese Sampler with strawberry black pepper jam and pecan raisin bread. 



Fried zucchini sticks: tempura battered and with a lemon aioli sauce 


And a (messy) Bacon Cheeseburger: 


What’s your favorite late night spot for food? 


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