fried zucchini baked

My friend Jac, Perry and I have a tradition of going to Carmine’s in NY and ordering  fried zucchini. Even though their family sized portion is larger than life we have no trouble finishing every last bite. 

I decided to make a healthier version of the zucchini last night by cooking it in the oven instead of frying.

To prepare: I cut the zucchini vertically and dipped in an egg wash. Then dipped in Italian Seasoned breadcrumbs with some grated romano cheese. Placed on a pan and cooked at 450 degrees for approximately 10-15min (or until they are tanned and crispy).

Since I can not seem to eat food without a sauce to spice it up. I whipped a quick one up. As you know, I’m not huge on measuring. I just keeping adding until I like the taste. So I mixed:

lemon juice, good quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh parsley, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper

The vinaigrette really brought out the flavor of the zucchini. But if you want something lighter, just squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the zucchini.



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5 responses to “fried zucchini baked

  1. Steph

    How about i come stay with you for the summer, and i can just work as your personal dog walker/ sou chef/ taste tester/food critic/ bar tender/ maid?

    I could set up a table at the farmer’s market and sell baked zuchini sticks and fancy pasta salads?

    • haha works for me- i’ll provide free rent and groceries, but other than that you’re on your own

      ps. no need to ask perry in advance

  2. yum! these look great. i always love fried zucchini so this is such a great healthy alternative!

  3. Perry

    Yummmm this was so good!!

  4. Melanie

    This brings back great memories. My parents used to make this for us as afternoon snack. You inspiring me to try this on my own.

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