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little one is twenty one

Whew…I feel like I’ve been non-stop lately and blogging has been last on my list. Work has been super busy with half of my team out of vacation. Sorry no excuses! 

Last weekend was my sister’s birthday, not just any birthday, but her 21st birthday. 


On Saturday night, before her after midnight festivities, we went to Clyde’s for a late dinner. I had no idea that they serve food until 12pm on the weekend. I will definitely be back for a late night snack. 

Another surprise was their food! I was expecting sub-par bar food, but the menu surpassed my expectations. 

American Farmhouse Cheese Sampler with strawberry black pepper jam and pecan raisin bread. 



Fried zucchini sticks: tempura battered and with a lemon aioli sauce 


And a (messy) Bacon Cheeseburger: 


What’s your favorite late night spot for food? 



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college friends

This weekend, I took a long-awaited trip to visit my girlfriends. Since college, my close group of 7 friends moved all across the US  (and 1 to Australia). It has been hard to meet up, but finally 5 of us were able to take a weekend in NY.

My friend Amy and I were the last to arrive in NY. We went straight to our hotel in midtown Manhattan to meet the others.  After catching up in the room, we decided to start a bar crawl.

Our first spot was my favorite. I was starving, so we went to a little Italian restaurant to sit down and get appetizers.

I ordered grilled mozzarella and sangria. And couldn’t have been happier.This was my first time eating mozzarella prepared grilled and it won’t be my last. They also served us bread with basil olive oil to dip, which we devoured on the spot.

In-between our reckless bar hoping. We stumbled across a street fair.

Raphaela with her corn pancakes filled with cheese.

Spice stand at the market

Later in the night, not wanting to end our drinking spree for a sit-down dinner, we took a quick pit stop for some NY pizza. I can’t believe 2 slices were about the size of half a pizza…and I ate it all! Please don’t forget tha fact that I am not a huge fan of pizza.

Us and $4 margaritas 🙂

What’s your favorite NY restaurant?


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poor piggy

Something happened earlier today.

I was very groggy on the way to work, so I thought I would treat myself to a Dunkin Donuts breakfast. P.S. I am not a Dunkin Donuts fan, so I am not sure why I did this.

I ordered the veggie flatbread and a coffee.

I get to work and the lights are still off. Sitting in the dark at my desk, I start on my flatbread. About 3/4 of the way through, I realize it has an odd taste. So I walk my flatbread over to the window to get a better look.

TERROR. This was not a veggie flatbread, but a sausage flatbread.

Is the late Jimmy Dean trying to tell me something?

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girl’s dinner night

My girlfriends and I get together every 2 weeks or so for a dinner night. We usually rotate who hosts dinner and then the rest of us bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage. It’s such an affordable way to spend time together.

Last night, it was Beth’s turn to host. She made a tasty summer dinner of grilled pineapple and shrimp with a rum sauce and a salad of spring greens, potatoes and fried goat cheese.

I’m trying to get the girls to start a book club with me. It seems like Beth is in, but it might take some pulling to talk the rest into it. I already tried the excuse to get together and drink wine.


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The Truth About Your Food

Do you ever wonder what goes into your processed foods? Do you really want to know or are you better off not knowing?

In an article from Yahoo Health by David Zinczenko, co-author of Eat This Not That, David dives into the ingredients of 4 popular foods. Check it out: The Truth About Your Food.

36 ingrediants in Doritos? Sand in Taco Bell Pizza? Scary huh?

– jess

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