ciao bella

The Italian name drew me in when browsing the  frozen aisle of my grocery store. And then, I saw that they offered a Blood Orange sorbet. Sold!

After some research, I learned that the company started in the 1980s in Little Italy, NY. They use natural, global ingredients, such as Valrhona French chocolate and Alphonse mango.

The company offers a page search for local distributors in your area, as well as a link to order.  I have a feeling my friends will be receiving shipments of this ice cream on their birthdays 🙂

So far, I have tried the Blood Orange and Key Lime Graham. The Blood Orange flavor has the crystalized sugar at the bottom (for any of you who know what I’m talking about it’s the stuff you find at the bottom of an Italian Ice that you get the urge to flip it over so that you can get to it sooner). The Key Lime is so incredibly creamy. I was more than satisfied with both flavors. Next on my list is Blackberry Cabernet.

Here’s their site…take a look 🙂 Ciao Bella.


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