the end of my beet kick

Friday night, I went to Cocoa Lane, located in Historic Ellicott city, for a late dinner and drinks. The main reason that I frequent here is the rooftop deck … 3 stories up.

Their menu seems to change frequently. A couple of items caught my eye this time, but I did not want to slow down my beet kick. I went with the roasted beets salad described to come with blue cheese, cranberries and walnuts. The waitress mentioned that there were no greens in this salad. I pictured a hearty beet salad with chunks of cheese. Boy was I wrong.

*Even smaller in real life

I hate complaining about meals, so I sucked it up. But literally, the chunks of beets were the size of blueberries and they were swimming on top of blue cheese dressing. I think that I could had scooped my entire salad up with one forkful.

Poor Perry kept asking me “what’s wrong”…”don’t you like your salad”…”jess, is your salad ok”…”how are your beets”. Haha I know he was just trying to be nice, but I really wanted to kick him from under the table.

My friend, Christa, ordered a buffalo chicken salad that she seemed satisfied with, although I think we both regreted not ordering the stuffed portabella.

Have you ever ordered something that was not what you expected?



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3 responses to “the end of my beet kick

  1. Aw, that’s so tiny! That’s sad, because the beet/cheese combo sounds pretty good in and of itself…if only there were more of it! I’m notorious for ordering something that sounds epic on the menu but doesn’t end up quite so good on the plate.

    • Steph

      Hmm..candle light in has a good beet salad Appetizer..and they have half price appetizers on sundays if you are ever interested..
      Tim and i got calamari last time we were out that was cooked plain in parsley and garlic butter..they werent terrible but they needed to be grilled first to change up the texture and i still smelled like garlic the next morning 😉

  2. Christa

    hahaha I love the *smaller in real life

    … because it was. lol

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