gerber’s plums please

I was listening to 101.1 Elliot in the Morning on my drive to work. Amongst their usual random topics, they were talking about a baby food diet that supposively Jennifer Anniston is now on.

I understand the need for people to drop pounds quickly…but baby food? really? yuck. 

You’re supposed to eat 14 jars of baby food during the day and 1 meal at night. I know myself and if I tried to eat baby food all day, it would make me want to binge later to get the satisfaction that I was lacking during the day.

I’ve never been too strict on diet, but I always have believed that if people just ate more fresh food, less packaged and kept an awareness of portion size they can live a healthy life and maintain a manageable weight. (along the lines of  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution). 

Has anyone tried any odd/crash diets before? Have they worked?


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