trader joes addiction

I went into Trader Joes with good intentions: to pick up a couple of items for last night’s dinner. $60 later and after a stop at the beer store next door, I had a week’s full of groceries, beer and wine. Do I have zero self-restraint? I’ve often noticed this problem with clothes shopping as well. Everyone has a bad habit right, it could be worse?

Here’s my delicious damage:

With many options now for dinner, I decided on a menu of artichokes, beet w/goat cheese and roasted romaine lettuce. And some “Wacko” Magic Hat Summer Ale to top it all off!

I made the artichokes my usual way: Boiled for about 45min and then made the mayo and white vinegar mix to dip it in. I know mayo/vinegar mix may sound off-putting, but trust me it fits well with the artichoke. But you could always substitute for melted butter, italian dressing, or about anything you want to dip in.

The beets were pre-packed and pre-marinated from Trader Joes. I just added some goat cheese on top.

Ok the romaine lettuce…although I have never had grilled romaine, I have heard it’s fantastic. I should have looked up a recipe, but decided to wing it instead. Being on a 3 floor apartment, I am without a grill, so I just put the romaine in foil and drizzled olive oil on top, made a foil pocket and cooked in the oven for 15min. Then sprinkled some balsamic on my cooked lettuce.

Ehh… Perry liked the cooked romaine, but it was a bit too mushy for my taste. I’ll have to look up the correct technique for next time.


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  1. I almost forgot! The artichokes from Trader Joes were 99 cents each! I bought smaller artichokes at Safeway earlier in the year for $4 a piece. Amazing deal!

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