tahina’s overload

I went with my co-workers yesterday to Tahina’s for lunch. Tahina’s is a Mediterranean style quick-stop restaurant, set up like a Subway with a counter of toppings/fillings to choose. It looks like it should be a franchise, but surprisingly is not. The menu is small – you can choose a from a pocket sandwich or salad and some sides, such as eggplant fries or hummus and pita. Although the menu seems limited at first, the array of choices is numberous.

I ordered a falafel pocket sandwich and then went on to add toppings from behind the counter…baba gonoush, red cabbage, cucumber salad, cooked red onions, eggplant, chick peas, tahina sauce… my eyes were bigger than my stomach and my pita was stuffed to the brim!

I helped myself to their sauces bar and packed some cucumber wasabi, zesty garlic, savory sauce and honey mustard to go.

Overall: I really liked the fresh ingredients, delicious falafel and build-your-on style of this restaurant. I think next time, I might go a bit more conservative on my toppings…stomach ache!


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