fresh veggies

Last night, I was in the mood for what else but fresh veggies! I rummaged around to find an avocado, tomato, potato and turnips in the kitchen.

I had visited the food store earlier in the week in search for beets to make the beet and goat cheese combination that I had earlier at Bluegrass. unfortunately, the Giant did not carry beets at the time, so I decided on turnips instead.

Preparing Turnips

– Peeled and sliced

– Softened  in boiling water

– Then sautéed with a tiny bit of butter and a bunch of fresh parsley

Preparing the avocado and tomato

– Combined with a can of mexican beans and some thawed frozen corn (I can not wait until fresh corn on the cob is available at road side stands 🙂 ).

For the dressing I mixed:

-juice of one lemon

– splash of hot sauce

– vegetable oil

– salt

– pepper

And dinner was almost done!

 I roasted the potato with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil for Perry.

Dinner in less than 30 min- take that Rachel Ray! – I apologize it’s Friday and I’m in a punchy mood at work.

Have you tried this frozen dessert? It comes in apple or berry. I really like the single serving portions— mhmm so wonderful with vanilla icecream on the side.

– jess

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