best restuarants IN THE WHOLE WORLD

I know I’m being a bit overzealous, but I just read an article on the Top 50 Restuarants in the World, and am striving to make it to at least 5 in my lifetime :). There a a few from New York on the list with France, Italy and Spain also ranking high in number. Is it wierd I want to visit these restuarant’s websites and just browse their menus in my free time?

What’s your favorite restuarant?

– jess

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One response to “best restuarants IN THE WHOLE WORLD

  1. Stephanie

    (haven’t traveled to too many cities) but of the cities i visit (Most in Maryland), I would have to say:

    Catonsville Gormet
    Sushi King in Columbia
    La Scala in Little Italy, Baltimore
    Market Street in Salisbury
    Frescos in OC
    John Henry’s Palm Springs

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