And the wedding arrived.

This weekend was my friend, Beth and Trent’s, wedding. It was beautiful. All of their planning finally came together for an *almost* perfect weekend. There were of course a few mishaps that could not be avoided, ie. rain, cake topper tumbling off the cake, groomsmen’s limo never arrived, etc. But all of this never made it to the bride on the wedding day, so that she could be  stress-free.

Everything about the weekend was great…the people (Aussies and Americans alike), the dancing, and of course, I won’t forget the food!

The rehearsal dinner was at a fairly new Baltimore restaurant called Bluegrass.

As soon as we arrived I helped myself to the h’orderves and my by far favorite was the beets with goat cheese. They tasted so fresh  that I went back for seconds…and thirds.

For dinner, I choose the roasted scallops with brussel sprouts. The scallops were cooked in a cider reduction and over a celery root and apple puree. The combination was perfect.

I have to show the lamb entrée, since this was the Aussie favorite.

The dessert came on a platter to share. I could have finished the platter myself, it was so good. My favorite was the banana caramel creation.

Notice the pink and tan dessert was peanut butter and jelly inspired.

The food at the wedding was amazing as well. While we were taking photos, a server came out with 3 different types of brucchetta  (a pepper combination, a classic tomato one and a mix veggie combination), stuffed mushrooms and peanut chicken.

Dinner was a buffet with choices ranging from crab and shrimp pasta to a side of roast beef to salad with fresh mozz and veggies.

Would you like some salad with your dressing dear?

Wedding cake 🙂

Final thought: I am stuffed from this weekend.

– jess


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2 responses to “wedding

  1. i was wondering how bluegrass was! i was afraid there would only be meat dishes, glad you found something you could eat and love!

    • i really enjoyed it. the scallops come with ham, but they were more than happy to serve without. they also have a different vegetarian pasta each night if you want to go that way

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