green eating

In anticipation for Earth day, I thought that I’d share some tips on green eating.

Dr. Seuss had the right idea.

You can definitely minimize your footprint through cooking and eating green. Kate Heyhoe, author of “Cookprint”, advises refraining from using your garbage disposal this week. “It wastes electricity, gasoline and water” and “the chewed up gunk ends up being trucked to the landfill after being processed at the waste water plant.” She also suggests eating organic, buying locally grown and seasonal produce and using environmentally responsible cleaning materials.

Here are some other great tips featured in Bon Apetit magazine in “50 ways to Eat Green”.

And check out the effects of your diet on the environment with the Eating Green calculator.

One of the ways that I am minimizing my footprint is using a green cleaner in the kitchen. Let me know if you do or plan to do anything related to eating and cooking to help the envirornment.

– jess

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