Jelly in my Belly

hi guys!

Just thought I’d share that (with the help of some coworkers) I am close to finishing an entire bag of Jelly Bellys today!

Did you know that Jelly Belly uses real ingredients whenever possible…bananas, lemons, coffee, vanilla beans, etc. AND that you can eat 35 pieces for only 140 cals.  Am I justifying the fact that my belly is rumbling from the massive intake of jellybeans?!

I have decided that favorite Jelly Belly flavors are cinnamon and pomegranate. What’s your favorite flavor??? I hope not buttered popcorn, yuck!!

– jess


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4 responses to “Jelly in my Belly

  1. Steph

    I like to mix. Coconut and lime, or toasted marshmallow and cappuchino 🙂

  2. mhmm i like the coconut and lime idea! might have to go make a tropical smoothie

  3. perry

    Three a.m. comments steph?? Not sure whether to trust that one… Haha

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