evol or love?

My friend Katie was visiting for the weekend, so a couple of my friends met her for a brunch in Historic Ellicott City at Bean Hollow. I ordered an egg salad sandwich and eggplant soup (never had eggplant soup before!). The soup was actually a really hearty vegetable soup that had eggplant in it- mmhmm.

Katie’s Lemon Italian Soda (lemon and vanilla)

Bridget’s messy, yet tasty Powerhouse sandwich.

Jen’s frooothhy coffee- please tilt head to view because I’m being super lazy this AM 😉

At the Giant by my apartment, I have seen evol brand burritos in the organic/vegetarian section and finally decided to give them a try. As the brand boasts, even though the burittos are frozen, they taste surprisingly fresh made! I’ll definitely purchase again.

During my lunch break yesterday, I was browsing food blogs for dinner inspiration. I came across a simple recipe by for Bacon Stuffed Avocados at the How Sweet It Is blog. I decided to make these, but with vege bacon. I typically buy Smart Bacon, but had to buy Morningstar this time because they were out of my Smart Bacon :(. The Morningstar bacon is actually pretty close to Smart Bacon in taste, so I was satisfied.

For my main dish, I made the usual zucchuni/squash pasta that seems to be a regular on my dinner menu. I was super excited that I found whole wheat bowtie pasta at Safeway- I never seem to be able to find this style in whole wheat!

Saute zucchuni/squash in olive oil and/or butter.

Add spices (salt, pepper, oregano, basil)

Cook until softed.

Mix with pasta.





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