scallops please

My girlfriends and I try to do a girl’s dinner night once every other week. We rotate who hosts it and who helps bring the wine, apps and dessert. It’s a great, affordable way to have a dinner out of the house and spend some much needed girl time.

Tonight Shawna is hosting and has decided on Mexican food. It’s my turn to bring an appetizer, so I decided to pick up some fresh salsa and make some guacamole.  I like a really simple guacamole because the taste of fresh avocado is sooo good without a mess of other ingredients.

I mashed up 3 avocados, the juice of 1/2 of a lemon, salt, 1 chopped tomato, some hot sauce (optional).

I made a dinner last tonight of honey lime scallops and fried goat cheese and spring greens salad.

The scallops I just pan fried for 4 minutes on each side and then I made a lime/honey/oil mix to sprinkle on top of them.

I heard you are supposed to use dental floss(non-mint scented I suppose) to cut goat cheese. I tried it out and it worked perfectly! No cheese stuck to the knife!

My boyfriend, Perry, was not a fan of the fried goat cheese, but enjoyed the rest of the meal. I think the cheese was too pungent for him.

I wasn’t overly filled from my meal. Around 11pm I was craving french fries!

Do you ever cook seafood yourself and just get a little turned off from eating it after being around the smell of raw seafood (seawaterish)?..maybe it’s just me?



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2 responses to “scallops please

  1. perry

    Your guac has nothing on mine 🙂

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