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fresh veggies

Last night, I was in the mood for what else but fresh veggies! I rummaged around to find an avocado, tomato, potato and turnips in the kitchen.

I had visited the food store earlier in the week in search for beets to make the beet and goat cheese combination that I had earlier at Bluegrass. unfortunately, the Giant did not carry beets at the time, so I decided on turnips instead.

Preparing Turnips

– Peeled and sliced

– Softened  in boiling water

– Then sautéed with a tiny bit of butter and a bunch of fresh parsley

Preparing the avocado and tomato

– Combined with a can of mexican beans and some thawed frozen corn (I can not wait until fresh corn on the cob is available at road side stands 🙂 ).

For the dressing I mixed:

-juice of one lemon

– splash of hot sauce

– vegetable oil

– salt

– pepper

And dinner was almost done!

 I roasted the potato with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil for Perry.

Dinner in less than 30 min- take that Rachel Ray! – I apologize it’s Friday and I’m in a punchy mood at work.

Have you tried this frozen dessert? It comes in apple or berry. I really like the single serving portions— mhmm so wonderful with vanilla icecream on the side.

– jess


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Tobie and Giada

Tobie and I spend our evenings with Giada 🙂

– jess

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best restuarants IN THE WHOLE WORLD

I know I’m being a bit overzealous, but I just read an article on the Top 50 Restuarants in the World, and am striving to make it to at least 5 in my lifetime :). There a a few from New York on the list with France, Italy and Spain also ranking high in number. Is it wierd I want to visit these restuarant’s websites and just browse their menus in my free time?

What’s your favorite restuarant?

– jess

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And the wedding arrived.

This weekend was my friend, Beth and Trent’s, wedding. It was beautiful. All of their planning finally came together for an *almost* perfect weekend. There were of course a few mishaps that could not be avoided, ie. rain, cake topper tumbling off the cake, groomsmen’s limo never arrived, etc. But all of this never made it to the bride on the wedding day, so that she could be  stress-free.

Everything about the weekend was great…the people (Aussies and Americans alike), the dancing, and of course, I won’t forget the food!

The rehearsal dinner was at a fairly new Baltimore restaurant called Bluegrass.

As soon as we arrived I helped myself to the h’orderves and my by far favorite was the beets with goat cheese. They tasted so fresh  that I went back for seconds…and thirds.

For dinner, I choose the roasted scallops with brussel sprouts. The scallops were cooked in a cider reduction and over a celery root and apple puree. The combination was perfect.

I have to show the lamb entrée, since this was the Aussie favorite.

The dessert came on a platter to share. I could have finished the platter myself, it was so good. My favorite was the banana caramel creation.

Notice the pink and tan dessert was peanut butter and jelly inspired.

The food at the wedding was amazing as well. While we were taking photos, a server came out with 3 different types of brucchetta  (a pepper combination, a classic tomato one and a mix veggie combination), stuffed mushrooms and peanut chicken.

Dinner was a buffet with choices ranging from crab and shrimp pasta to a side of roast beef to salad with fresh mozz and veggies.

Would you like some salad with your dressing dear?

Wedding cake 🙂

Final thought: I am stuffed from this weekend.

– jess


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meatless me

I’ve been sick all week and therefore cooking and eating have been the last things on my mind. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick most foods repulse me and I can only eat certain things that I’m in the mood for.

With that in mind, I won’t share my meals from this week. But, I do want to share some of my favorite meat substitutes.

1. Tofurky Deli Slices- I usually can find Tofurky in either Hickory Smoked or Oven Baked at the food store (I hesitate to type food store because I learned recently that it is an odd saying for grocery store. But I’ve always called it a food store, so why stop now). Back to Tofurky…I have been regularly eating whole wheat bread with tofurky, honey mustard and cheese (pepper jack this week). No veggies on this sandwich. It’s just too good without them. I’ve also been pan frying the sandwich love of mine to melt the cheese and toast the bread..mhmmm. Lesson here is don’t be scared of tofurky.

2. Morningstar Buffalo Chicken Nuggets- with a side of corn of broccoli. This makes a quick and simple meal.  They can get a bit soggy in the microwave; much better in the oven. I like to dip them in honey mustard and/or ketchup.

3. Veggie Bacon- Smart or Morningstar brand. I lived off of Smart Bacon and tomato sandwiches last summer. I recently found that I also like the Morningstar version. It conveniently is packaged for the freezer.

4. Smart BBQ- This is heaven on a potato roll. It is a bit sweet, but you can add something hot sauce if you want to spice it up!

Smart BBQ®

5. Mornigstar Turkey Burgers- I love that these have avocado already in them! I enjoy them grilled with fresh salsa and a slice of avocado.

What are your favorite meatless products?

– jess

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green eating

In anticipation for Earth day, I thought that I’d share some tips on green eating.

Dr. Seuss had the right idea.

You can definitely minimize your footprint through cooking and eating green. Kate Heyhoe, author of “Cookprint”, advises refraining from using your garbage disposal this week. “It wastes electricity, gasoline and water” and “the chewed up gunk ends up being trucked to the landfill after being processed at the waste water plant.” She also suggests eating organic, buying locally grown and seasonal produce and using environmentally responsible cleaning materials.

Here are some other great tips featured in Bon Apetit magazine in “50 ways to Eat Green”.

And check out the effects of your diet on the environment with the Eating Green calculator.

One of the ways that I am minimizing my footprint is using a green cleaner in the kitchen. Let me know if you do or plan to do anything related to eating and cooking to help the envirornment.

– jess

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bachelorette dinner

Good morning and Happy Monday Everyone!  

Don’t worry my Monday AM cheer is only a result of my half-delirious state mixed with a caffeine rush, thanks to Starbucks.  

Last Friday, I was in need of a lay-low night. Perry and I decided to drive (if it wasn’t raining it would be stroll) to the restaurants next to Columbia Lake. We were looking to go to Clyde’s, but ended up at Tomato Palace because of the 40min wait for Clyde’s.  

I was completely satisfied with my dinner at Tomato Palace.  Our waiter was super helpful and even gave us a sample of wine to help us make a decision.   

I ordered the combination special for $10. They let you choose a mix of any soup or salad on the menu and any pasta. I ordered the gorgonzola salad (walnuts were a bit bitter) and the seafood pasta (mmhmm red sauce with scallops, shrimp, calamari and mussels). I though this meal was a fantastic deal.  


Perry’s eggplant parm with greens beans on the side.  


This weekend was also the much awaited bachelorette party for my friend Beth. We started the night at one of her favorite restaurants in Baltimore, Meli.   

Ughh what a disappointment. The restaurant’s first mistake was not notifying us that they moved us from our private spot downstairs to a table in the middle of their dining room. I won’t complain too much, but between charging us $70 for water when they did not notify us that they were serving Evian, repeatedly telling us to hurry because another party was coming, being completed inconsistent in their communication and so much more of not meeting expectations that they laid out for us… needless to say we were pretty POed.   

Regardless of the rude service, we had a good time and an even better time once we left the restaurant and started our night.  


I do admit that I enjoyed my dinner. A few us shared and bottle of wine and I ordered the 3 course, $35 special they were offering.  



Lobster Mac and Cheese: Lobster, Cheddar, Gruyere , Applewood Smoked Bacon (asked to nix the bacon), Panko, Crispy Onions  


Loup de Mer:   

Grape Tomatoes, Fingerling Potatoes, Mixed Greens, Sunflower Honey Vinaigrette, Crispy Leeks  

Amaretto Cheesecake  


And Katie and Casey’s fabulous baking… sorry for the lack of censoring:)  

– jess



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