finally grocery shopped!

Last night Tobie and I had the apartment to ourselves, so I decided to get some grocery shopping and meal prep done for the week . I love having a stocked fridge!!

I have a baby shower at work on Thursday that I volunteered to make cookies. Yes- me + baking again… This time I went for what I’ll call semi-homemade. I purchased Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix. To “spice” them up, I decided to add a bit of vanilla to the batter and add frosting. 

I made a quick Royal Frosting which consists of vanilla, egg whites and confectioners sugar (I usually per batch use 1 egg white and enough confectioners sugar to get to the consistency I want). PS. I also invested in some food dye 🙂

End result- Less messy than my lemon cookie event earlier in the month. Getting there 🙂

For dinner, I decided to make enough for my lunch tomorrow and Perry’s dinner on Thurs (I’ll be out for a girl’s night).  Tomatoes and mozzarella were on sale at the grocery store (buy one get one free), so I decided to make a quick caprese salad.

I also picked up a basil plant. I love fresh herbs, but struggle to buy them everytime I make a dish. Having a herb garden is so fresh and convenient- I hope to have a nice little one on my deck this spring/summer.

For the dressing, I like to use a the typical Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper mix, but with a bit of honey (sweet tooth kicking in). Be careful to only add a taste!

I also made whole wheat pita sandwiches. I marinated some eggplant in a white balsamic vinegrate/oil mix, which I roasted in the oven. I then layered some of the left over mozzarella (I planned to use goat cheese, but I needed to use up the mozz), roasted red peppers, basil, spring greens and the roasted eggplant and put the sandwiches in the oven long enough to just let the cheese melt.

The sandwich was good, but I think I’d like it on a panani better- at least this was healthier!

– jess

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  1. perry

    The sandwich was great cold! Thanks for doing that! 😀

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