grapes and pistachios?

So, I haven’t been eating that well this week. Most of my meals were take- out or quick on the go. I can even admit that I had french fries and bin candy for lunch yesterday.
I had MALL FOOD on Wed: Bistro Sensations 1/2 salad 1/2 sandwich– I love their reduced fat balsamic salad dressing.  I usually pick the same 4 veggies – sun dried tomatoes, corn, broccoli and beets. The mozzarella pita sandwich is always really dry- I think I’ll try a soup next time.
Last Night (Thursday) Dinner- Pei Wei (affiliated with PF Changs) – It’s right down the street and had never tried it before! I ordered Pei Wei Spicy Tofu and Veggies with brown rice to go (you’ll have to imagine it since I forgot to take a photo). It was soooo spicy, but the sauce also had a nice sweet kick. Perry ordered a salad with chicken and they forgot his chicken!
My friend Kyle thought he’d get crafty last night and eat pistachios and grapes together for the sweet and salty effect. Anyone have any odd, yet tasty combinations to share?



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4 responses to “grapes and pistachios?

  1. Christa

    Wow, is he a hand model??

    I like peanuts and M&M’s!!!!!!

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