Another successful Trader Joe’s purchase! Ahi Tuna steak is a favorite of Perry’s and I admit I’ve never bought it before for him. My dad is an avid fisherman and always brings home fish during the in-season. So I really never have had the urge to buy fish from the market. I made an exception this time.

I marinated the fish in teriyaki sauce and let it sit, while I made some sides. There was left-over ricotta from my pizza night and some button mushrooms in the fridge for stuffed mushrooms. I softened the mushrooms in the oven first and made the filling from ricotta, seasoned breadcrumbs and the mushrooms tips. I filled the mushrooms and put them back in the oven to finish cooking. I then pan fried the fish for about 6 minutes on each side. For greens, a quick salad with the left over spring greens and a quick balsamic dressing. Within 45 min dinner was ready!


I wanted some wine with dinner, so I pulled out something that the local liquor store owner suggested. It’s called McGuigan Black label and is a sparkling red wine. He said that he has it every year with Thanksgiving dinner. I won’t be buying this one again. I assumed it would be sweet, but was oddly not.

I went out to Ryleigh’s in Federal Hill Md on Wednesday for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s on the main strip of bars, but in my opinion stands out for 2 reasons: The Blood Orange Crush (twist on the Orange crush found easily around here) and a great menu with better than bar food. Ryleigh’s even has an oyster bar with a guy shucking fresh ones- I always worry he’s going to cut his hand!

I had trouble finding a vegetarian Irish food option, so I got a Guinness or two to make up for it. I ordered the Fall Veggie sandwich with portabella, sprouts, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, goat cheese- I’ve ordered this a few times before. My sister ordered grilled calamari with chickpea paste, balsamic reduction and roasted red peppers- she really enjoyed it, but it came out a while before the rest of our food, so was a bit cold.

My coworker Christina has a favorite deli near her house in Owings Mills called Gourmet Girls. I decided to go with her for lunch yesterday to give it a try.  She ordered her favorite the OPA and I seconded that. The OPA is an open-faced toasted pita with garlic hummus, roasted tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, red onion, calamata olives and iceberg lettuce. It is absolutely amazing. I’m not sure if it was the roasted tomatoes or the toasty pita that made this variation on a Greek salad so great…or maybe it was their dressing?



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2 responses to “OPA!!

  1. perry


  2. yum i’ve got to buy me some tuna steaks! They look amazing 🙂 Trader Joes knows where its at. Oh girl, I’ve had my desktop since college too and it is about burnt out. SO amazing having a new computer, it’s so much faster. I say you splurge too 🙂

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