veggie lovers

I picked up Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough last night. If I’m going to make pizza, I love to smother it will tons of veggies (going against the 2 topping or less rule).

Prep: Spreaded some extra virgin olive oil and tiny bits of garlic on the spread out dough. Then topped with mozzarella and some ricotta. Added a sliced up fresh tomato, artichokes, mushrooms and spinach.



I felt the need for a salad on the side, so I made one with some items I had on had- spring mix, cranberries, artichoke and chunks of sharp white cheese.

Successful pizza night 🙂

I bought a 2nd whole wheat pizza dough that I need to use before Sunday- any ideas??



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2 responses to “veggie lovers

  1. omg their pizza dough is awesome. so cheap and easy and delicious! a pesto pizza maybe? I love those.

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