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Why can I not stop eating them?! Ok, so they taste like dry, tiny peanuts and I don’t even like peanuts all that much. And since they’re so tiny I keep dropping them all over me…what a slop (aka sloppy/slob)! I bought soynuts the other day at Safeway (new purchase of the week) because I needed some way to get an easy protein fill. I might try another brand next time, but I do like the honey roasted flavor.


The other night I cooked one of my favorite dinners. I don’t know if you could even call it cooking. This favorite meal of mine consists only of a chunk of crusty bread and an artichoke. It’s so rustic, I love it!

I picked up some extra large artichokes at Safeway (which I wish I had checked the price ahead of time because they’re definitely not in season and the price reflected that fact). I usually choose sour dough bread, but this time went for 3 cheese semolina. I like a good extra virgin olive oil and herbs to dip or some roasted garlic with oil yumm!

After washing and cutting the tips off the artichokes, I boil some water with salt and sometimes a lemon that has been cut in half and dropped in. Since I don’t want to alter the taste, I feel that this is enough seasoning. Just cook for about 45 min (taste to make sure it’s finished). I usually make a dipping sauce from mayonnaise and white vinegar. Sounds gross but tastes great w/ the artichoke (recipe thanks to JoAnn). You can also always dip in butter, salad dressing, etc.

Unless I prepare ahead of time, after work I like to cook easy meals. Last night I was in the mood for pasta again. My mom had picked me up some “vegetarian seasoned bites” to try. So, I decided to cook some whole wheat Barilla linguine and make a simple tomato sauce to drop the bites into like meatballs. I usually battle between cooking tomato sauce from scratch or picking up a jar of pre-made at the store. I met somewhere in the middle on this one. I bought a plain tomato sauce as a base for me to fix up. I just heated some onions and a clove of garlic in vegetable oil until they softened. I then added salt, the tomato sauce and the bites. After cooking everything down for about 15min longer, I poured the sauce over the pasta and graded some Romano cheese.

The bites tasted more chickenish than like meatballs. Perry (bf) tried one of the bites and decided to scoop the rest out of his bowl into mine. It’s not that they were bad by any means…they just didn’t taste like meatballs. I’ll eat the leftovers, but probably wouldn’t buy the bites again.


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