lemon vomit

So I have to admit that I’m not much of a baker at all. I really dislike measuring and I am a bit messy.

I decided to make cookies for 2 house parties that I was attending on Saturday evening. My first mistake was to stay out all Saturday afternoon and not leave myself enough time for baking before the parties.

My plan was to make lemon ricotta cookies by Giada. And since I was going to 2 places, I decided to double the batch. Everything started out OK- I  mixed the ingredients as directed. Even though I picked out my largest mixing bowl, it was still a little too small for the two batches. I ended up with some batter splattered around my kitchen and in my hair.

 I finally got everything well mixed and pulled out the only 3 cookie trays that I own. I filled the 3 trays with still had half of the batter to spare. I innovatively also pulled out 2 round cake pans and a muffin pan and emptied the rest of the batter out. I would normally never put that many trays in my oven at a time, but time was not on my side. After shoving all but the muffin pan (space limited) into the oven, I set the timer to 15 min as directed and started to make the icing for the cookies. I had miscounted my ingredients and was short on the powered sugar for the icing- I added some granulated sugar to make up for it, which seemed to work. I just had to mix it a bit more to let the sugar disintegrate.

I think I got lost in my mixing and was not paying attention to the burning smell. Both of my fire alarms went off in my apartment, great! A quick run to the oven pulled out the cookies (the 2 pans on the bottom were burnt, but the ones on top were Ok) – ran and opened my deck door to air out the smoke- darn. I scrapped the burnt cookies from the pans and iced the remaining saved ones and popped them in the frig to harden.

When I came back to pack the cookies for the parties…I realized why Giada told me to cook them on parchment paper- the cookies being very light in texture started breaking as I attempted to ply them off the pan. Oh and I forgot to buy something to serve them in, so  I settled for a paper plate and saran wrap (fancy).

All and all the cookies tasted good, but were a crumbly mess. I believe someone told me word for word that they were great tasting lemon vomit- which I’m not sure if I can take as a compliment. Hmmpphh. Good thing my cousin Bridget and I signed up for William and Sonoma’s baking classes. She found free classes that W&S offers only in March if you sign up ahead of time. I’m super excited!

A better food experience this weekend was my trip to Fells Point, Baltimore on Sunday. I adore Fells Point and it being what I call the best weather of the year so far in Baltimore, made for a nice afternoon.

I really like frozen yogurt and have a favorite place in New York City called Pink Berry that I will go out of my way to get while I’m up there. Well anyways, my friend Megan had told me about this place called Mr. Yogato in Fells Point, so I was excited to try it out. It was all I could have ever wanted. They offered a few yogurt flavors, 2 of them being “tangy” and “creamy”. They’re both so great that I think I’ll try to get a mix of them both next time. You can also get toppings of your choice from fresh fruit to cereal to walnuts. On the house, there are an array of toppings from old bay seasoning to chocolate syrup that you can add as well. I doubt I’ll every go for old bay on ice cream, but who knows!

It tasted just as good as Pink Berry to me if not better!


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