is spring here?

I was blessed with the leftover desserts from my birthday this weekend. My sister made a cheesecake with blueberry sauce that I’ve been eating for the last few nights (not sure how to justify the fact I’m finishing the leftover half of a cheesecake by myself). I’m used to ricotta-based cheesecakes, which I guess is an Italian thing. The one my sister made was split between ricotta and cream cheese and I think it turned out nicely that way (light from the ricotta and creamy from the cream cheese).

 Here’s the recipe from Joy of Baking:

One night this week, I was decided on a breakfast dinner because I was craving pankcakes. I bought the Safeway brand wholewheat ones. They were a little dry and I’m nto sure if it was my fault or the brand. 

For the side, I made some potatoes and chopped onions cooked with oil  — I had some issues with getting the potatoes to soften, so I eventually popped them in the oven for the last 15 min. In wanting eggs with the dinnerbreakfast, I put together a quick quiche. I sauteed some yellow squash is butter (i like this it makes it a little sweet) and then using a thawed frozen crust, I lined the bottom with some swiss cheese (bf’s cheese of choice) and some on the squash. I then poured about 6 whipped eggs with little milk. I finished it with some more cheese and the remaining squash on top– so easy! Bake at 400 degrees for 45 min and done!

Last night I really was in a spring mood after hearing it is supposed to be 50 degrees this weekend! I decided to make what I’m going to call a Mexican salad. I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few ingrediants that I needed and ran buy the liquor store to pick up some beer because warm weather triggers cold beer for me. I saw the Blue Moon’s Spring edition was out so I picked it up.

The salad was super easy since no cooking was involved. For 2 people, I just chopped up 1 tomato, 1 avocado and 2 green onions. I also threw in about 3/4 a can black beens, about 1 cup of corn and cilanto. My simple dressing consisted of the juice of a lime, olive oil, salt, pepper and hot sauce (optional). I mixed and served in a bowl of some organic whole grain lime flavored tortilla chips.

My boyfriend, Perry, OKed the recipe to have for dinner again- success!



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4 responses to “is spring here?

  1. Steph

    Mexican salad looks good…i’ve been eating hot sauce and chips and salsas daily for an afternoon snack or dinner, to wake me up when i have a lot of studying and work to do

    I’ very flattered to see my cheesecake was good enough to get published.. first one i made for Tim’s birthday two years ago looked like a regurgitated mess.. it’s smart to keep fruit topping on the side, unless you make one that’s very thick.. and the first time i skimped on eggs and used skim ricotta, poor Tim

  2. Perry

    I don’t know about that half-eaten pancake photo…. hahahaha

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