dinner in

I made it home relatively early from work tonight and was actually looking forward to cooking dinner. I admit I like to cook as a release, it’s pretty relaxing to me.

I went grocery shopping a couple days ago and bought some fresh veggies. I typically like to pick up at least one item that I have never tried or at least typically do not cook. It’s sort of an experiment for me. So this week. I decided on brussel sprouts (yuck!). They actually looked really appetizing  and I deep down wanted to challenge all of those who automatically announce brussel sprouts as their least favorite vegetable. 

I cut off the tops and the outside leaves. My little guy apparently knows how messy I am and waits up me for the chance to catch anything that drops.

I then tossed the bruseel sprouts with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and 2 cloves garlic and roasted them in the oven on 400  for 35min, then took them out and sprinkled them with salt.

For the main course, I searched around my pantry and finally settled on the usual…pasta! My pantry is stocked with Barilla whole wheat pasta and this time I went with the linguine. I had some fresh mushrooms in the fridge that I sautéed in butter and herbs and then lowered the heat and threw in some red wine that I had left over from the previous night and some spinach. I tossed the pasta and mushrooms mix and added some freshly grated romano cheese. Finished in less than 15 min- so simple!

The brussel sprouts were surprising! Bold roasted flavor on the outside and almost nutty tasting on the inside. I ended up dipping them in my new find, Annie’s Goddess Dressing (all natural dressing that’s a creamy mix of lemon, parsely, chives and soy sauce).

For drinks I made my latest favorite- amaretto sours! I order this drink when I’m out and I recently started making it at home. For 2 glasses, I take 1 fresh lemon and juice it. I then add a generous pinch of sugar and splash of water. Next, I just mix my lemonade mix with amaretto, 1:1 ratio. Mmhmm!

– jess

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  1. yumm that pasta looks so good! and look at you miss bartender! Love that Annie’s dressing, its soo good. Have a bottle of it in my fridge 🙂

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