hi everyone!


My name is Jess. I grew up in Maryland and went to college at University of Delaware. Since Delaware, I moved back to Maryland and am in the early stages of my advertising career.

Ever since I was little (going back to Elementary School), I have had an aversion to meat. Back then it was a  basic belief that I should not eat animals. Despite the attempts by my mother to sneak chicken in my meals, I remain a vegetarian. You couldn’t call me a strict vegetarian because I do love seafood. So I’d say a seafoodatarian, if there is such a term. Growing up in Maryland with amazing steamed crabs is probably the culprit.

I try to cook  healthy and balanced meals. My cooking has a bit of Italian influence from my family.  Even though Italian food is my comfort, I do love and will try just about anything meatless.  And I have a huge sore spot for sweets, as you’ll soon learn.

Well…I’m very motivated to start blogging at least on a weekly basis. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts as well!


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